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Labex CAP grants


Labex CAP grants

The Laboratory of Excellence for Creativity, Arts and Heritage (abbreviated “Labex CAP”), developed under the direction of Philippe Dagen, Professor of the History of Contemporary Art at the Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University and Director of the HiCSA Reception Team (EA 4100), in collaboration with nine partners of the PRES héSam and six establishments under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture, forms one of the projects selected by the French Government with the goal of supporting and amplifying the role and international visibility of the best research laboratories in the country.

Both an observatory and an experimental laboratory, the Labex CAP studies the arts, creativity and heritage and takes them as points of departure to understand and accompany the changes in contemporary society, in connection with the globalization of economic life and the means of communications but also of cultures. Thus, the Labex CAP mobilizes varied scientific skills, in the fields of esthetic theories and the philosophy of art, the history of art, architecture and heritage, studies on music, poetry and cultural anthropology, the sociology of art and the history of technology but also techniques of communication and information, design, conservation and restoration.

The association of the Labex CAP with the major heritage and museum institutions external to the PRES héSam, represents one of the strong points of the project; one of its ambitions is to finally enable innovative and promising collaboration between, on one hand, research entities that are part of higher education, and on the other hand, organizations that are not affiliated. Through this opening onto fields outside the academic world, the Labex CAP shows its willingness to promote the broad comparison of views, issues, practices and research methods. It is a matter of opening up the different approaches to art, creativity and heritage, and, through them, the various skills and professions which deal with these fields.