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Themed tours


  • Duration: 1 hr
  • Individual visits: €8 + admission ticket for adults; €9 or €7 for those under 26 years old and those who have ID cards for large families. Discount admission rate of €6 for members
  • Group rates: € 7 / pers. + € 150 for the guided tour
  • Admission may be free depending on the age or the particular circumstances of the visitor. Please refer to section practical Information

Visions of beauty

How are we to understand the beauty of objects hailing from the antipodes, the images and emotions that it inspires here or elsewhere?
From works that originate from the four corners of the world (masks, jewelry, costumes, paintings, clothing and sculptures), this journey offers a meeting around comparative views: How does the West perceive these objects, how does it interpret them through its own esthetic values and inversely, how do non-Western cultures perceive their own productions.


From Asia to the Americas, men and women have a crucial role to play to communicate with the world of the spirits: the shamans. To guarantee the balance of invisible forces and the human community, they listen attentively to the world that surrounds them.
This tour enables you to discover the tools, costumes and practices of these shamans.

Initiation rites

Rites of passage set the pace for the lives of people in Africa, Asia, Oceania as well as in the Americas. Tribal or religious, initiations provide access to the world of adults or to a secret society.
The works on display (statues, masks, costumes, cult objects, everyday objects, etc.) make it possible to approach the diversity of situations and to compare contemporary practices with those of certain cultures represented in the collections of the museum.


The blending of objects is evidence, beyond their origin, of culture shocks and exchanges among cultures.
Contacts between neighboring populations and Europeans reverberate in the artistic productions of Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas as people, materials and ideas circulate.

Marriages from elsewhere

A festival and a rite of passage, marriage breaks the routine of daily life and celebrates the beginning of a new chapter of life. Costumes, ornaments and objects from the four continents are evidence of the diversity of rites and ceremonies during this important moment for women, men and their communities.


Across the 4 continents, how are those who are different represented in the cultures of the world? What are the objects that are associated with them? What place do they occupy in each society?

Death, and afterwards?

Death is not always seen as the final, permanent separation with the world of the living. This tour enables visitors to discover the way in which different cultures understand and deal with death through the observation of ritual objects, masks, musical instruments and sculptures from Madagascar.

The world and its origins

Once upon a time there was the world, life and people... From one culture to another, narratives and beliefs vary and arouse curiosity.
Works displayed (sculptures, masked, paintings, cult objects, etc.) echo or form an integral part of traditional narratives, often mythical, which relate the origins of the world, of people or the gods.

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