The collections area and the ramp


As you leave the "ramp", a long winding ribbon spiralling up from the entrance hall, the collections area introduces you to the large geographical regions from which the collections of the musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac originate: Oceania, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Visitors flow through the collections on a journey where the Asia-Oceanian, the Indian, Mashreq-Maghreb civilisations and cultures meet.

The presentation of 3,500 objects highlights the profound history of the cultures presented, and the artefacts' diverse meanings. The museography encourages visitors to linger, to find out more about the major themes: masks and tapa in Oceania, costumes from Asia, and musical instruments or textiles in Africa are the subjects of remarkable and fascinating video installations.

the river

A tactile area that focuses on the way in which man perceives and represents space: through looking and touching

At the heart of the Collections Area, the Museum offers you a guiding thread in the form of a journey designed for all visitors and specially adapted for the disabled. Around twenty sequences illustrated using texts in Braille, tactile bas-reliefs and screens that have been specially adapted to be used in different ways (by those with visual or hearing impediments or reduced mobility) provide a glimpse into the relationship between humans, the space around them and the areas in which they settle, in various cultures. Set in leather-covered furniture with an organic shape, the river presents a trans-disciplinary theme and provides a new understanding of the geographic dimension of the Collections Area.

The river was created thanks to the support of  Schneider Electric.