Jacques Kerchache reading room


Jacques Kerchache reading room

A place where people can prepare for or supplement their museum visit or learn more about the collections held by the museum. Events focus on recent publications and contemporary culture in the countries represented, through readings and encounters with authors, researchers and artists.

The room has 50 seats and 10 IT workstations linked to the museum network.

Open access

  • 3,000 works (exhibition catalogues, art books, stories, atlases, etc.), including 500 for young people;
  • 130 journals on cultural information and news about the museum and the countries represented;

On-site services

  • view open-access collections;
  • obtain bibliographic support;
  • view digital publications;
  • view scheduled films on programme;
  • listen to scheduled records and audio materials on programme;
  • discover the Reading Room display;
  • reproduce obtain reproductions of documents (photocopies and print-outs for a fee)

Remote services

  • access catalogues and digitalizsed documents via Scientific Documentation;
  • view the programme schedule of events;
  • view World Kiosk, a selection of articles from more than 400 daily newspapers around the world.

Special access

  • teachers: in collaboration with the museum’s educational department;
  • children (aged 8 to 15);
  • blind or visually-impaired visitors (adapted workstation: reading machine, character recognition software and vocal synthesis software);
  • equipment for people with physical disabilities and MIL (magnetic induction loops).

Practical Information