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A 21st century collection

How is a 21st century private collection created? A portrait of an atypical collection, through the aesthetic and intellectual vision of the French collector and patron Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière.

About the exhibition

What part does subjectivity play in a collector's approach? Can one put together an art collection today without passion? Eclectic – A 21st century collection aims to shed light on this question by examining the non-Western art collection of Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière. With around forty key works, mostly African, the exhibition reveals the personal and intimate vision of the collector, and looks at the creation of a collection against the history of non-Western arts from the beginning of the century.

Started in April 2003, this young collection is an important milestone in the evolution of its owner's tastes, dominated until then by the classical arts and modern and contemporary painting. This recent "opening-up" to non-Western art is demonstrated in the exhibition with a display in which masterpieces of Fang, Baule and Dogon art confront great classics from other fields of reference (Roman marbles, Greek ceramics, etc.) - conveying the innovative approach of its owner, for whom the unifying thread is clearly emotion and dialogue of civilisations.

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