Supporting research projects


Research at the musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac

Supporting young researchers

The museum offers a number of study grants each year: 5 post-doctoral grants and 3 doctoral grants for research projects in the fields of social and cultural anthropology, history, archaeology, heritage science, art history, sociology of cultural institutions, performance arts, ethnolinguistics, ethnomusicology, cultural technology and behavioral sciences. Two prizes are also awarded to doctorate theses distinguished by their scientific interest and originality.

Welcoming researchers from around the world

Two or three renowned specialists are welcomed to the museum every year, either to give a series of lectures or to collaborate on exhibits. The museum has welcomed almost 15 researchers since 2007. 

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International colloquia and scientific events

Each year, the Research and Education Department organizes several international colloquia relating to anthropology, art history and non-Western civilizations. In addition, study days, debates, encounters and lectures address more limited subjects, relating to the museum’s research themes. These are organized in connection with the exhibits and the latest research in social sciences. 

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The Jacques Kerchache Reading Room regularly hosts informal encounters with authors. Like the annual debate entitled “Contemporary Classics”, these encounters enable discussions between the author and the public, based on critical readings. 

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Scientific publications

Publications published or co-published by the museum reflect the works of researchers in the fields of anthropology and the history of art and figurative techniques. Since 2005 the museum has published the biannual journal Gradhiva, which provides a platform for debate on the history and developments in anthropology. Books or special editions are also occasionally co-published. 

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