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Tracking the Seven Sisters

Immersion in the heart of the Aboriginal world. Songlines takes us across the Australian desert on the trail of the Seven Sisters, one of the country’s most popular legendary stories.

For thousands of years, the memory of Australia’s Aboriginal peoples has been passed on through the words of elders, stories told in paintings, ceremonies and songs. Passed down from generation to generation, the songlines guide the Aborigines’ steps across the land and throughout their lives, like a map. Much more than legendary tales, they are true corridors of knowledge, paths traced over the millennia that contain the fundamental rules of social cohabitation as well as ecological, astronomical or geographical knowledge essential to survival.
Built in close collaboration with the communities, Songlines does not simply ‘show’ Aboriginal creative works. Through nearly 200 pieces, created by more than by more than 100 artists, and some twenty immersive devices (audiovisual installations, filmed ceremonial performances, sound narratives, etc.), the exhibition invites visitors to experience an Aboriginal perception of the world by following the story of seven sisters pursued by a powerful sorcerer on earth and in the sky. One of Australia’s most popular epics that the elders, true custodians of memory, have chosen to entrust to us.

Songlines. Tracking the Seven Sisters is an international touring exhibition produced by the National Museum of the traditional Aboriginal custodians and knowledge holders of this story.

Songlines. Tracking the Seven Sisters is supported by the Australian Government as part of the Australia Now France.

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    From Tuesday 04 April 2023 to Sunday 02 July 2023 from 00:00 to 00:00
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