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Nathan Wachtel

History and anthropology

From La vision des vaincus (1971) to Mémoires marranes (2011) and Le Retour des ancêtres (1990), the work of Nathan Wachtel has engaged for half a century, in the often productive, sometimes critical, dialogue between anthropology and history.

From the companionship constituted by the “historical anthropology” of the Annales to the practice of “regressive history”, which poses itself as a remedy to the least reflective kinds of ethno-history, this exemplary research path has sparked many debates and works. Above all, his methods and subjects of enquiry remain amazingly current. Whether combining ethnographic reports and archival materials, while respecting their silences, or scrutinising the “indigenous” side of the Conquest and its portrayal, or analysing the flow of religious affiliations to the running of an always faltering imperial order, or describing the making of history and territory, the works of Nathan Wachtel are both milestones and sources of inspiration.

A series of round tables on the different aspects of Nathan Wachtel's work, will examine the evolution of the relationship between history and anthropology in the French academic field since the 1970s, and how researchers today make use of his work.


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