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The 10 Nov 2010

The Lapita epic

This study day aims to establish an overview of current knowledge on the Lapita population in South-West Pacific 3,000 years ago.

The symposium will bring together an international panel or archaeologists and anthropologists specialised in the subject.

The different themes of the study day will cover the main phases and study topics on Lapita culture, from its Austronesian origins in South-East Asia to the discovery of Western Polynesia in the Central Pacific.


The Department of Research and Education at the musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac

  • Free entry (subject to available places)
    Gratuit (dans la limite des places disponibles)

  • Place:  Salle de cinéma
  • TimeSlots:
    The Wednesday 10 November 2010 to 01:00
  • Accessibility:
    • Handicap moteur
  • Public: Researcher, student
  • Categorie : Symposia

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