The Little Explorer’s Box of Delights


Welcome to The Little Explorer’s Box of Delights, a bric-à-brac of childhood adventure and journeys around the world in the space of just a few pages! Inside, little Robinsons and shooting galleries stand side-by-side next to Paul and Virginie’s cabin with its tipi for a kid’s bedroom, a panopoly of apprentice ethnologists and a restless stand of little explorers. Further on, the illustrators of Jules Verne sit discussing with the contemporary creators at the Colonial Exhibition...

With its official supplier popular culture from the 18th century to the modern day, this Box of Delights questions childhood explorations and the wide variety of representations of non-Western societies they have produced, while deconstructing the stereotypes still attached to them today.


365 pages • 24 x 30 cm • €49
Joint publication musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac / Actes Sud 2018
ISBN: 9782330101428