Information on cookies

This document provides information on the use of cookies on the services (“Services”) accessible to all internet users via a connection terminal (computer, tablet, Smartphone, etc.) on the addresses and ("Website").

When an internet user visits the Website, cookies may be automatically installed on their terminal (computer, telephone, tablet, etc.). Cookies store data on the internet user’s browsing habits in order to offer a personalised browsing experience (e.g. identifying the internet user to enable access to their account, managing the shopping basket, saving pages visited and personalising offers).

The internet user is informed that cookies are stored on their terminal by means of a banner which appears when the website is accessed. By continuing to browse the website without setting parameters for the collection of identifying data, the internet user consents to the collection of their data and the creation of an identifier.

This page provides internet users with the information required to deactivate these cookies at any time and free of charge. However, the user is hereby notified that the deactivation of cookies may reduce or prevent access to all or some of the services offered by the Website.

what does the term “cookies” mean?

A cookie is a text file in an alphanumeric format which is stored on the internet user’s hard drive by the server of the website visited or by a third-party server (advertising agency, web analytics service, etc.). A cookie enables the recognition of an internet user when they return to a website. However, technically the cookie enables recognition of a machine and not an internet user. A cookie may only be used by a server of the domain from which it originated.

different types of cookies

The Website uses different types of cookies; they each have a different purpose.

essential, performance and functional cookies

“Essential” cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the Website. They allow the internet user to access the Website and its Services and cannot be deactivated/deleted. Performance and functional cookies are used to provide the internet user with a better service. They improve the functioning of the Website based on the needs of the internet user, their past behaviour and their recorded settings. They prevent the internet user from having to provide data which has already been provided (pages visited, language and country settings, username, etc.) during a previous visit to the Website. These cookies do not collect personal information and do not enable the identification of the internet user or the collection of personal data.

The internet user may deactivate/delete these cookies on their terminal. However, the internet user may no longer be able to enjoy some of the functionalities which are nevertheless necessary to browse certain sections of the Website.

analytical cookies

The Website uses Google Analytics software to analyse certain data from visitors such as traffic, browser use, number of new visitors, marketing activity and pages viewed. This data helps us to make improvements to the Website from a qualitative and quantitative perspective. The data stored by these cookies may be seen by the relevant Website teams, but does not record any confidential information.

content sharing tools

The Website uses the sharing facility which allows users to share content with friends on social networks. When the internet user “shares” something, these social network sites may send cookies to the internet user as they browse the Website. This Website does not control distribution of these cookies; that is why we suggest you consult the third-party websites for more information on their cookies.

internet browser settings

Most browsers automatically accept cookies by default. However, the internet user may configure the browser to prevent cookies being stored on the computer or on a connected peripheral device. Some browsers provide settings whereby cookies are always deleted after a website is visited. The internet user may also set up browser software to signal when cookies are stored on their terminal and choose to consent to these cookies or not on a case by case basis.

The internet user is reminded that deactivating cookies may reduce or prevent access to all or some of the Services offered by the Website. If the browser is configured to refuse all cookies, the user may not be able to enjoy all the essential functions of the Website. We invite the internet user to set up their browser to manage cookies in accordance with their preferences, taking into account the purpose of cookies as mentioned above.

The following links provide a step-by-step description of how to adjust cookies depending on the browser:

more information on cookies

For more information on cookies and their use, you may consult the document produced by the Com­mis­sion Na­tio­nale de l'In­for­ma­tique et des Li­ber­tés by clicking here.