Magical hunts


The exhibition is played out in such a way as to present a set of assumptions that give free rein to the imagination, letting the mind wander into the heart of these prehistoric communities that hold so much mystery.

Ancient riddles bring visitors closer to cultures that are radically different from their own, to get to know and understand them better.

The Magic part of the exhibition evokes the hunters' recourse to the supernatural, while the Masks section embodies the manifestation of the spirits of the bush or the forest. Mental paths follow the hunting trails, tracing those of destiny, chance, renunciation, asceticism, in an incessant pursuit to find the paths that lead to the Ancestors and the Great Spirit, capturing the core of the perpetual lifecycle, death and life.

  • Exhibition curator: Mr. Yves Le Fur, Director of Collections and Heritage at the musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac
  • Number of works: 80
  • Surface area required: 250-300 m²

This exhibition has been presented at :

The exhibition in pictures


Château de Vogüé, 2013

Château de Vogüé, 2013

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