Primitive Picasso


"Negro art? Don’t know it." It was with this provocative tone that Picasso made a point of denying his relationship with non-European art. However, and as his personal collection demonstrates, the arts of Africa, Oceania, the Americas and Asia never ceased to accompany him in all his various studios. The documents, objects and photographs brought together in the first part of the work and presented chronologically, are evidence of this, demonstrating Picasso’s interests and curiosity in non-Western creation. The book then creates a dialogue between Picasso’s works and those of non-Western artists, based more on an anthropology of art than the observation of aesthetic relations. This unprecedented approach is the study of three essays written from the point of view of art history, sociology and ethnology.

Under the direction of Yves Le Fur.


24.5 × 29.5 cm • 344 pages • €49.90
Joint publication Flammarion / musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac
Paris, 2017
ISBN: 9782081377066