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Africanists society


Africanists society

The Société des africanistes, a learned society, has been working since 1931 to promote the study of Africa in France. Under the freedom of association law of 1901, this association aims to facilitate scientific study and knowledge of Africa and its inhabitants from the most remote times to modern day. It has undertaken to be a pluri-disciplinary organisation that contributes to training, research and the diffusion of knowledge in the fields of anthropology, sociology, economy, linguistics, history, pre-history, archaeology, geography etc.

In 1931 the Société des africanistes began publishing a scientific review entitled ‘Journal de la Société des Africanistes’; it was renamed ‘Journal des Africanistes’ in 1976. World renowned, the Journal des Africanists is published in two parts each year. Supported by the CNRS and the CNL (National Book Centre), 700 copies are printed and distributed in some twenty countries and sent free of charge to the members of the Society.

Each year, the Société des Africanistes also organizes a dozen or so conferences that cover various themes connected with scientific knowledge in Africa. These conferences are announced on our website and in the media and are open to all.

Frequent and regular updates are sent to our members giving them advance notice of all the major scientific events (symposiums, seminars etc.) concerning Africa. Today, the Société des africanistes has over 250 active members and prides itself upon welcoming any researcher or student who lends their support to the knowledge of Africa in any discipline of social sciences. People who, without participating directly, are interested in our scientific project are also welcome. The vitality of the Société des Africanistes is reflected by the great number of new members arriving each year. For the most part, they are young researchers.

If you would like to join, please send a letter along with your CV and we will reply very soon.

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Africanists conferences

Each month the Africanists society organizes a conference.
The program is available on www.africanistes.org

Africanists film

Every third Thursday of the month, the Africanist society presents a film, followed by a debate 

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See the session programme

Journal des Africanistes

The Journal des Africanistes is available on revues.org
Consult the journal des Africanistes