Cultural activities

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Cultural activities

Supporting an educational project

The Museum is keen to create an unusual and free resource for families visiting the Museum. The project seeks to offer children (according to their age) a specially adapted, educational and fun tool to help them discover the Museum and to give them lasting memories, encouraging them to continue their exploration in their own world.

Cultural activities

The Museum is committed to passing on not just knowledge, but also experiences and emotions, offering visitors a number of possibilities to promote dialogue between cultures and civilizations. These activities aim at a better understanding of other cultures. They include stories, music, dance, plastic arts and an introduction to scientific principles, for both young and old alike, alone or as part of a family.

The Open University

The Museum’s Open University is free of charge and open to all, as well as being a source of knowledge thanks to input from key witnesses of contemporary history and important historic and philosophical concepts. It brings together leading intellectuals from various countries to discuss topical issues concerning the theme of universality and Otherness. These themes are integrated into 4 cycles: The world history of slavery, Key witnesses (reflections on very different and specific biographical experiences), Divergences: the Others and us, the Great Revolts.

Shows and performances

Theatre, dance and music are essential museographic elements. The program focuses on different forms of traditional and contemporary expressions. 

The dance and theatre performances presented in the Claude Lévi-Strauss Theater deal with major world traditions and cultures. This is illustrated by the spring 2014 Dance cycle, which invites artists from Indonesia (Ghost Track), Tunisia (Rayahzone) and South Africa (Kudu). The program is accompanied by musical events which generally take place on Saturdays during musical salons and jazz concerts.

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On a quarterly basis, on a Friday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, the musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac presents an original event for young people aged 18-25 to kick off the weekend: the Befores. Based on exchange, encounter and discovery, these events provide guests with a celebratory early evening of performances, demonstrations and workshops relating to the many cultures represented in the collections. These surprising informal events, which often make use of new technologies, invite guests to discover the museum in a different way, based on themes as varied as dances of the world, urban cultures and the youth in the five continents. 

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Summer Garden

Every summer, the musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac provides fun outdoor activities for families and friends in the heart of a unique garden designed by Gilles Clément. Sheltered by a glass palisade offering protection from the sounds of the city, the Summer Garden invites visitors to relax and escape. Activities include electronic siestas, family workshops and storytelling. Far removed from the frenetic rhythm of Parisian life, this event allows visitors to explore the four continents in the heart of a large peaceful garden. 

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